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Northern Sea Adventure - Håndverkervegen 6 - 9018 Tromsø

Telefon 913 20 926 - E-post: tor@northernsea.no

Snorkeling with orcas

Snorkeling with Orcas 3 or 6 days "live on board"
From NOK 24.500
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Northern Sea Adventure offer, in cooperation with Strømsholmen Sea Sports Centre, 3 and 6 days "live onboard" snorkeling with orcas trips .  

The main activity is snorkeling /freediving with orcas and humpbacks.

You can expect to be into the water  2-4 times a day, we are out on the orca field all the daylight time.

We don't use tanks with the animals, they are afraid of the bubbles and will then disappear.

However, there are opportunities to do scuba diving for well certified dry-suit divers in the evening nearby the boat (in the harbor).

For pictures and videos visit the Facebook Profile to Stromsholmen Sea Sports Centre.

The animals are friendly, but we never touch them or feed them.

It’s not necessary to have any diving license to join our orca exp.trips, and you don’t need prior training.  We do snorkeling/swimming with orcas and humpbacks.

Our crew will teach you how to use the dry-suit for snorkeling. There are diving instructors onboard.

The orca season is in wintertime and we use dry-suits.  You can bring with your own dry-suit, but it’s possible to rent. There are dry-suits for rental in all standard sizes onboard.


USEAUSEA is the network for those who care about the respect of the comfort and the wild nature of marine mammals. Approved by scientists working in the field of marine mammals, USEA interactions are much better than enforced encounters for both diver and marine mammal.


On board the AAFJORD, during ORCA EXPEDITION, guided by the best specialists you will learn with USEA techniques how to come close and interact in the best conditions with orcas and large whales. Successful USEA interaction allows you to be USEA Diver, registered in the network with an unique number. You will have your own Certification.


Our orca expert Pierre Robert de Latour is perhaps the most experienced free-diver in the world to be into water with the orcas with more than 5000 encounters. 



It's not necessary to have a certification for snorkeling with the animals. We use dry-suits and  it’s opportunity to rent complete divingequipment from us. However, if you don't have experience with snorkeling we give you lessons when you are onboard and also using of dry-suits.



We are at your service in realizing this expedition.When we are into the water with the animals we don't use bottles.How many times you will be into the water with the animals depends ofweather and windy conditions, but you can expect from 2-4 times or evenmore a day if good conditions.It's opportunity to do regulary diving in the evenings after seekingorcas.


Scuba diving for well experienced divers only! Need to have 30dives with dry suit.All diving arrangements are included in our offer/price.There are weights and bottles onboard.  Single 12 liter 200 bar and 15liter 200 bar.

We depart from Nerstranda Pier, downtown Tromsø