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Northern Sea Adventure - Håndverkervegen 6 - 9018 Tromsø

Telefon 913 20 926 - E-post: tor@northernsea.no

Safety at Sea

Northern Sea Adventure is certified in Norway, approved and controlled by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.
We give your safety at sea top priority

This is how we make you safe on board
MS Aafjord: 

  • The crew make sure it´s not crowded onboard. MS Aafjord is certified for 100 persons on deck. We invite maximum 70 persons on our trips.

  • The crew spend time planning each trip a head and we make sure that the route is safe. 

  • The crew do risk assessment before every voyage. 

  • We assemble the crew based on how difficult we expect the voyage to be. 

  • Our crew are fire guards on board, and they do technical inspections on the ship before each voyage and underway. 

  • The crew never leave our guests alone on deck. We always have people on deck while our guests are outside. We also have cameras on board that helps us make you safe. 

  • Our crew will never use alcohol or any other drug on bord MS Aafjord.